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** COVID-19: Stay safe and get things done
Ease, getting back to work..
Self service coordination toolkit for organizations and teams who like to work, keeping everyone safe.


We all got to work together to come out of this crisis. Today that means we minimize physical time at workplace & maintain social distance.
Should work for Teams
Spreadsheets work but when you have to do it every day for a floor, building or a location?
Companies in shared buildings
Should work across all. Remember we are all in it together. Have to win as one.
Co-working spaces
A dynamic place adds challenges on both capacity planning and tracking besides timely notification.
A small thing can make a BIG difference..
Facilities Head
Enable "Back to Work". Know who is coming in advance so that you can plan better the logistics and required support.
Active Employee
Take initiative and keep your team and workplace safe. We have designed it for you to get started with just your team.
Social distancing can be tricky when coordinating across teams, divisions, departments or even across company spaces in shared office buildings. We need everyone to be on the same page. Active self coordination without concerns on privacy.

"Keeping it simple" coordination

Send a message on chat for your workplace, location or building or team. Share the expected hours you plan to and get a confirmation. If you are over the recommended limit, be on the wait list.
Coordinating everyday across so many isn't the job of spreadsheets. Harder if you have to trace back and be absolutely sure. Especially becomes acute when in shared spaces.
No prying apps that track all the time. In fact saying no to apps. Just message and get notifications. Be in control of what you share and when. Digital coordinator ensure privacy.

Back to Work

Back to Work

It's easier when you are in sync with everyone else around.
Not enough work for everyone? Explore shift