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You know what you are good at. How does the world get to know that? Pick your top 5 skills, capabilities & share why you make a difference.
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Make it easier for awesome connects to happen. Build an trusted expert profile and yet keep it private. Share only when "you want to".
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Ratings matter to build your fan club. Why leave it to chances? Pick up a challenge or throw one and go up the charts. After all everyone wants the best.

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It's definitely about what you did, but lot more about what you can do! Share what's next.

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Go beyond work & organization. Make a difference. Review, mentor, recommend, that helps others progress.

Endorsements establish confidence.

Impress your co-workers and get recognized for your good work. Grow your circle. It's the best investment you can make and costs Zero

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Public job board or social / professional networks are a challenge to privacy. Emploai is dedicated to keeping you identify private as long as you want to and share only to those you approve. Yes, it is a bit of work but then it keeps things simple.
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