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How does expert circle work?

A profession or skill oriented group
with a purpose.

Start a Circle

Connecting Organizations with the right talent is a hard problem. Job descriptions and Resume have serious limitations when it comes to making the right match. It is not a ecommerce shopping cart. In fact it requires a much deeper understanding of individuals, their interests, experience, capabilities and expectations. Same for organizations, work environment, growth and career advancement.

Thankfully there are experts who understand both ends and can really help. Pick your area of interest. Can be your profession or a skill.

Announce Services

Organizations have already leveraged agencies and talent acquisition specialists to attract talent. These can be around help with sourcing, screening, interviewing or even training. Individuals on the other hand need guidance on applications, how to prepare or say kind of organizations to pick. As a expert group you list availability by skill, level, geography and language.

Circles can have upto 50 members with a mininmum of 1.

Deliver on Requests

Accept requests for the circle. Assign to individual experts within the group and track to closure. Run the circle like an agency backed by thorough experts and professionals.

Solving the match making problem is key. Deliver well.

Collect Payment(s)

The contribution your circle makes is of immense value. Can be heart felt thanks from individuals or payments against services delivered. Circle owners decide how to pass on the received and share.

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