Conversational Assistant
for Talent Engagement
Emploai AI Talent Assistant delivers the ultimate candidate experience across web, social channels & Instant Messaging, through natural, contextual conversations right from first connect all the way to productive employees every day at work.

... activate humanized artificial intelligence

Chat agents & the expert community to help you with
search, screening, short listing, scheduling, on-boarding and more.
Screen Massive
Take advantage of AI powered Virtual Assistant to connect at scale. Trim down large numbers, enrich profile data, impress with speed. Nothing works better than a fast turnaround in hours.
Speed of NOW
Candidate lifecycle requires lots of back'n'forth and that slows things down. With Emploai Smart Calendar & Conversation Suite, you now have an assistant that works 24/7 without the slipping.
Brand BIG
Open that door and deliver an experience of a life time. Stay connected and track conversations throughout the journey. Onboard with confidence.


No more waiting to hear or the onslaught of spam. Connect in real time, get prompt responses and zip through the process.

Recruiters Score

Take the guess work out and spend time with the most likely ones. Visibility into candidate preferences like never before.

Experience the Shift

Deliver faster while Lowering costs
Shrink weeks to days and days to hours. Turbo charge execution speed with AI Assistant on your team to carry out multiple conversations at the same time 24/7. Ready to respond wherever candidate has time.
More Productive
No more follow ups or missed connects. Gain complete control with full life cycle tracking of activities, communications, engagement. Focus on only those who need attention instead of all. Cuts down effort significantly.
Lower Costs
Sourcing can get expensive especially when you rely on 3rd party connects. There is also the cost of missed opportunities and focusing on unlikely ones. Better insights help streamline process and avoid wasted effort. That's gain right away.

World's first Conversational Talent Platform

Conversations and not just emails, messages & notifications.
No more forms and follow ups. Get moving in real-time.

Ready to reach over 1.5 Billion

Meet people where they already are.
Emploai conversations platform connects over Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp & Skype to give you instant reach to over billion plus people across the globe. What's more, they spend about 70% of their time on messaging and it is the best channel to connect. Why then send emails and wait? Or keep calling to find a good time?
Get your own real-time messaging recruiter & don't miss a thing!

Connects with your ATS, CRM, Career Pages and HR apps to help you win the Talent Rush.