Emploai TALENT
Source, Engage & Hire
Source, Engage & Hire
All-in-one connected talent platform to help you drive speed, efficiency, experience and demolish your hiring goals

Simplicity comes with an integrated platform

All your applications, users, candidates in one place. No more duplicate data or repeat work.
Do away with redundant tasks and multitude of tools and leverage unified, AI assisted platform right from sourcing all the way to productive employees.
Collaborate with your hiring team, candidates, agencies, providers with one system for communications, tracking, scheduling, documentation & all recruiting activities.
People respond 12x quicker on chat over emails. Unlock speed advantage by switching to newer & faster channels. Send notifications and get prompt responses.

Advantage Sourcing

Professional profiles
Active candidate records linked with trusted social platforms to stay current & updated at all times.
Aspirations included
Better quality matches powered by smart recruiting assistant to align with changing preferences.

AI powered real-time chat assistant

24/7 live connect with candidates powered by Digital AI Recruiter

Engaging Candidate Experience

Applicants love it when they have someone to chat with & get immediate responses.

Attract & Engage

Attract & Engage

Enable Emploai for your team
Get Emploai on your Team
Emploai helps companies attract and engage talent through out the candidate journey. We created a smart Artificial Intelligence enabled Natural Language capable Digital Recruiter that delivers a 24/7 experience without bias. AI Recruiter enables live chat conversations with candidates, be it on your career pages or social media or even reach out to passive seekers. Talent Suite enables rapid collection of data, apply filters and identify a prioritized list of matched candidates so that recruiters have a lot more qualified data to work on without the wasted effort of sourcing and preparing data.